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Beautiful Renaissance Angel From
This stunning Renaissance-themed angel is from a wonderful clipart site called It features a flaxen-haired beauty playing an old-world harp. You can find this and an enormous selection of religion-based clipart illustrations at
Posted: 06 11, 2008

The Rapture Books
This is a Christian community site that offers personal use of their animated .gifs and clip art, that is copyright to them, but no commercial use. They also have other religious stuff like book reviews, screensavers and gifts. The images are good quality but a small selection. They also have a logo maker and animations.
Posted: 10 14, 2008

Two Cherub Angels Side-By-Side Clipart Image From
This beautiful clipart picture shows a pair of young angels, with demure smiles and crowns atop their heads, sitting side-by-side and looking into the distance. You can find this and so many other high-quality, religion-based clipart illustrations at Be sure to check out their site!
Posted: 06 11, 2008

Free Angel Vector Clipart Illustrations
Free vector clipart illustrations of angels with wings. One of the angels is praying to Jesus the almighty, and the other angels are playing musical horn instruments. You can use these free angel clipart illustrations for non-commercial projects. This image is available in the .cdr format.
Posted: 08 30, 2007

Free Black & White Christian Cross Clipart
Free religious clip art image of black and white christian cross. Only thing required for the free use of this clipart is a link back to the vendor's website, This image is relatively small with a maximum height of about 200 pixels which makes this image only good for stuff like blogs, forums, website display, etc.
Posted: 07 12, 2007

Free Religious Christian Cross Clipart Image
Free religious clip art image of a christian cross under sunlight in a partly cloudy sky. Only thing required for the free use of this clipart is a link back to the vendor's website, This image is relatively small with a maximum width of about 300 pixels which makes this image only good for stuff like blogs, forums, website display, etc.
Posted: 07 12, 2007

1000 Jewish Clipart Images On CD-ROM
Over 1,000 Fun and Original, hi resolution, Jewish clip art graphics available in many formats on CD-ROM. These Jewish pictures are not duplicating any existing clipart collection. they are all new & original. These images are categorized: Alef-Bet, Food, Months, Sports, Animals, judism Holiday clip art, Occasions, Synagogue, Borders, Israel, Parsha clipart, Clothes, Learning, People, Egypt, Mitzvas, and Signs.
Posted: 07 10, 2007

Jewish Clip Art Collection by
Collection of 22 Jewish clipart images and illustrations. These Jewish images were collected from different websites on the net and they are available for purchase from the vendor.

Here's a list of some of the Jewish graphics that are included on this site: Brass Menorah, Torah, Gold Chalice and Torah, Star of David Symbol, Torah and Star of David, Chanukah Banner, Chanukah Greetings, Jewish Family with a Menoah in the Window, Man Lighting a Menorah, Chanukah Menorah, Menorah, Four Dreidel, Star of David, Smiling Man, Clip Art Image of Moses and the Ten Commandments, Tefillin, Jewish Man with Kippah, Ten Commandments, Pontius Pilate Condemning Jesus, Ten Commandments, Religious Men Talking, Religious Book, Spear Grass, and Green Bow.
Posted: 07 10, 2007

Jewish Clipart
Hi resolution Jewish clip art image available for purchase. Each image can be purchase for about $3. Image types include: life cycle, holidays, Torah heroes, Jewish stars clipart, food and plants, Jewish ritual clipart, symbols, remembrance, and many more.
Posted: 07 10, 2007

Free Buddhist Graphics
Free buddhist templates, clipart and graphics. These graphics are free to use on personal web sites only. For business site use they charge $1 per image. They include image like the famous Buddha, Buddhist wheels, lotus, and many more.
Posted: 07 10, 2007

Free Buddhist Clipart
Small collection of about 15 low resolution, free religious Buddhist clip art and links for teachers, parents and kids.
Posted: 07 10, 2007

Buddhist Clipart & Illustrations
30 Royalty free, vector EPS formated Buddhist clip art images and illustrations. These images range in price from about $20 to $330 dollars.

Image included in this collection: A buddha statue in Indonesia, A drawing of a buddha statue, Asian Man, Bell, Buddah, Buddhist, Buddhist Images, Buddhist Temple, Buddhist Wheel of Life, Chakra, Eye Of Wisdom, Facial features on a white background, Flute, Footprint Of Buddha, Lion, Lotus, Money & Pot, Om, Prayer Wheel, Shinto Shrine, and a Wheel.
Posted: 07 10, 2007

Free Islam Muslim Clipart
Free Islam Muslim clipart by Image included: quaran, minaret, alla, ramadan, peace, allah, islam star, mosque, koran, symbol, quaran, and the five pilars.
Posted: 07 06, 2007

Free Islam Clip Art
Free Islam clipart and Arabic calligraphy by
Posted: 07 06, 2007

Islam Clipart & Illustrations
Royalty free Islam clip art and illustrations by FOTOSEARCH. This collection includes the following Islam/Muslim clipart images: Caliph Omar, Crescent, Door of a Mosque, Grapes, Hand Of Fatima, Islam, Islamic Symbolism, Minaret of Jesus, Damascus, Mosque, Muslim Cemetery, Prayer in the Desert, Ramadan, Resurrection, Star & Crescent, Temple, The facade of the Taj Mahal in India, Water, Water, Grapes, Islam, Moslem Prayer, Muslim Standing in Mosque, Ramadan, Resurrection, Star & Crescent, Suleiman Mosque in Istanbul, Turkish Mosque...
Posted: 07 06, 2007

Vector Church Clipart & Illustrations
RF Royalty free church clip art and illustrations by FOTOSEARCH. Here's a list of some images included in this collection: United Church of Christ, Church of the Subgenius, Episcopal Church, Snowy Church, Presbyterian Church, Mennonite Church, Altar, Candlelight Service, Church Bell, Family outside church, Ship of the Church, and Church Goers.
Posted: 07 02, 2007

Christian Clip Art and Illustrations
Searchable site offering christian clip art and illustrations for purchase. Here's a short list of some of the images included: Jesus Christ Child Boy Joseph Saint, Apostle Bartholomew Serene Peaceful Clasped Hands, Jesus Christ Shepherd, Saint Holy Spirit Jesus Person Christ Resurrect, Moses Burning Bush Holy Ground Horeb Mountain, Zacchaeus Fig Tree Jesus People, Dove Cross, and Jesus Crucifixion Thorn Crown.
Posted: 06 22, 2007

Watton - Free Christian Clipart
Free Christian Clip art by Categories included are: Angels, Bibles and Scrolls, Bible characters and stories, Candles, Celebrations, Cherubs, Christmas, Church, Crosses, Doves, Flowers, Jesus, Party, Prayer and Praying, Symbols, Valentine, and Wedding.
Posted: 06 22, 2007

ChristArt - Free Christian Clipart
Great site offering free quality christian clipart to Christians. Registration is required before gaining access to the free christian clip art and you must link to ChristArt's website. Here's a list of some of the Christian images included in their free image library:
Posted: 06 22, 2007

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