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Clipart Anatomy Chart Of the Human Back Muscles From Clipart, Etc.
This detailed anatomical chart, from Clipart, Etc., shows all of the muscles found in the back and spine of a human being. It is highly detailed and each muscle is numbered for reference.

This chart and others for the entire human anatomy can be found at There are detailed anatomical charts of the human brain, spine, bones, muscles, ligaments, organs and many, many physiological subjects.

They would be perfect for use in any medical institution or for use in schools and educational instruction.
Posted: 05 28, 2008

Medical Anatomy Chart of the Human Abdomen From Clipart, Etc.
This black and white clipart picture, from Clipart, ETC., shows a detailed anatomical chart of the human abdomen. It includes realistic details and factual labeling of all internal organs, major muscle groups and ligament formations.

This site is linked to Florida's Educational Technology Clearinghouse, and offers a huge selection of medical and anatomy clipart images. It includes labeled, detailed anatomical charts of the entire human body.

Clipart, Etc. would be an excellent resource for health classes, anatomy and physiology classes, physical therapists, and a wide variety of other professional uses. Check it out at:
Posted: 05 28, 2008

Black And White Caduceus Clipart Image From
This black and white clipart picture shows the medical symbol of a caduceus (two serpents twisted around a staff that is topped with wings). You can find this and many other high quality medical clipart illustrations at
Posted: 05 19, 2008

Free Medical Clipart Illustration of a Hand Holding Pills
Free medicine clipart image of a person's hand with three different pills in the palm. The person's hand is caucasian and it belongs to a female. She's preparing to take these medical pills to keep herself from getting ill.

This free medicine clip art drawing is public domain artwork or was derived from public domain artwork, and to the best of Fundraws's knowledge, there are no copyright restrictions on the usage of this free medicine clipart image.

Click on the link above to get this free hi resolution medicine clipart picture.
Posted: 09 06, 2007

Free Pharmacist Clipart Illustration
Free clipart image of a pharmacist. This free medical clipart illustration depicts a Pharmacist handing over a Pill Bottle to a sick, ill, injured patient at a pharmacy. The ill patient receiving the bottle of pills is silhouetted but the pharmacist is in full detail.

This Pharmacist clipart image is part of Fundraw's exclusive collection meaning you wont find this image offered by any other site. This free clip art image can only be used in designs for your personal use.

Click on the link above to get this free hi resolution Pharmacist clipart picture.
Posted: 09 06, 2007

Free Vitamin C & B12 Pills in Bottles Clipart Illustration
Free clipart image of vitamin C & B12 pills in bottles.

This free vitamin clip art drawing is public domain artwork or was derived from public domain artwork, and to the best of Fundraws's knowledge, there are no copyright restrictions on the usage.

Click on the link above to get the hi resolution image.
Posted: 09 06, 2007

Free Medical Vector Clipart of Tablets, Pills, and Medicine Mixtures
Free vector clipart illustrations of tablets, pills, and medicine mixtures. You can use these free Medical clipart illustrations for non-commercial projects. This image is available in the .cdr image format.
Posted: 08 29, 2007

Free Medical Clip Art
Free medical clipart by Designed to a These images are free to use for personal and commercial use. Here's a list of the images included on this page: babies, bandage, band aid, brain symbol, chest, crutches, doctor, Dr bag with stethoscope, heart, IV, liver, medical bag, medical instrument, medical symbol, medicine, mortar & pestle, mother & baby, muscle symbol, needle, nurse cap, operating table, rubber reflex hammer, RX, scalpel, scissor, scissors, stethoscope, stomach symbol, thermometer, tweezers, waiting room.
Posted: 07 03, 2007

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