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Clipart Anatomical Diagram Of the Arteries Of the Neck
This clipart image, from Clipart, Etc., shows a detailed anatomical diagram or chart of all the veins and arteries in a human neck.

Clipart, Etc. has thousands of medical and anatomy-based clipart images, including labeled diagrams (look to the bottom of each page for the related labels) of all parts of the human body.

To find all these wonderful (and FREE) clipart illustrations, go to
Posted: 05 28, 2008

Free Valentine's Day Graphics and Clipart from Roxy
This is a free Valentine's day graphics site. The images are colorful and include: cupids, hearts, heart shaped candy boxes, couples and much more. The pictures are free to use for any non-profit use and may be purchased for other uses. Great images and lots to choose from.
Posted: 02 04, 2008

Free Valentine Clipart Picture of Three Heart Balloons
This is a free Valentine clipart picture of three heart balloons. This image shows the balloons, tied together, with a drop shadow. One is pink with "I Love You" written all over it. One is purple and the last one is dark pink with purple hearts. This image is available for download to save on your computer or to print. The Pastiche Family Portal is where it can be found.
Posted: 01 29, 2008

Free "True Love" Candy Heart Valentine Clipart Image
This Valentine image is of a pink candy heart that says, "True Love". This picture is free to download and print or save to your computer. Good quality resolution clipart from the Pastiche Family Portal.
Posted: 01 29, 2008

Heart Holding a Sign Character by Toons 4 Biz
Heart holding a sign character from Toons 4 Biz. Dave Thompson's team at this website have created tons of characters that are full of life. The heart shown here, is holding up a blank sign where you could add text for Valentine's Day. The illustrations are available as collections, with the toons doing different things. Some animations are also on the site.
Posted: 01 16, 2008
This image is of a dimensional, red heart with an arrow through it and is free with a link back.This website delivers free and subscription Valentine pictures and photos. They have a fairly large selection of images to choose from. The subscription is from IClipart and, which both have millions of clip art pictures and thousands of Valentine specific images.
Posted: 01 05, 2009

Tattoos For Girls From
This site, called specializes in tattoo and tribal clipart images that span the width of your imagination.

This particular review features two images, both of which can be found on their site under the heading, "Tattoos For Girls": one is a row of different, brightly-colored daisies, surrounded with bubbles and black tribal designs; the other is an abstract flower design with long, droopy green leaves and orange flame-like petals, and a red heart in its center - thin black lines spiral out from the image.

These images and designs would be fantastic tattoo flash, or just on their own as amazing artwork. has a huge selection of tattoo and tribal clipart illustrations, including animal-themed tribal designs, classics like butterfly and flower designs and flash, plus fantasy-themed designs like dragons and cyborgs.

Be sure to head over to to find anything and everything you need for your tribal or tattoo image needs! You will definitely be impressed. They have free clipart and also clipart images for sale under license.
Posted: 06 12, 2008

Valentine Cupid
This is a beautiful Valentine Cupid. This adorable little guy has golden curls, and wings. He is holding a bow and arrow and a heart. This image is from Everything Valentine's Day, a website dedicated to anything you could possibly want to celebrate the day of love.
Posted: 02 04, 2008

Free Valentine Clip-art
These are simple Valentine graphics. Hearts, cupids and various other pictures suitable for web use. Cute .gifs that are not transparent and are free.
Posted: 01 07, 2008

Saint Valentine's Day Clipart Pictures and Animations
Three pages full of free Valentine's Day clipart images and animations. All of these images can be freely used as long as you give credit to fg-a by linking to them. Here's a short list of some of the free Valentine clipart offered here: boy and girl kissing, animated beating red heart, heart eating candies, cupid holding a heart, and much more.
Posted: 12 27, 2007

Free Valentine Heart Graphics & Animations
Free valentine's Day heart graphics and animations. These images are small in size making them good for most web uses. Avoid using them for commercial use because they do not have a "Terms of Use" or "Policy" page.
Posted: 12 27, 2007

Free Valentine's Day Clipart and Animations!
Great place to get free, web ready clipart illustrations and animations. Most of their images are available in two sizes: small, and large. They can be used for most uses including home, school, office, church, and club use. Click on the link above to view this extensive collection of free valentine clipart pictures.
Posted: 12 27, 2007

Valentine Clipart & Photos
Gallery page featuring valentine clip art images and photos from the best image suppliers on the internet. Here you will find miscellaneous images for valentines day including love hearts, pink roses, cards, chocolates, cupids, teddy bear gifts, and much more. These images are very appealing do to their vibrant colors and quality. Click on the link to view all of their featured valentine pictures.
Posted: 12 27, 2007

Free Valentines Day Clip Art and Graphics
Good source for small sized free clip art images of red valentines love hearts. These free graphics would be great to use in blogs, forums, and mail. They are brightly colored and have fairly sharp drawn edges.
Posted: 12 27, 2007

Free Vector Clipart of Mice & Cat Love
Free vector clipart illustrations of mice & cat love. This image depicts two mice in love, and two cats in love. You can use these free animal love clipart illustrations for non-commercial projects. This image is available in the .cdr format.
Posted: 08 30, 2007

Free Vector Clipart of Heart Anatomy
Free vector clipart illustrations of heart anatomy. You can use these free anatomy clipart illustrations for non-commercial projects. This image is available in the .cdr image format.
Posted: 08 29, 2007

Free Human Heart Anatomy Vector Clipart
Free anatomy vector clipart illustrations of hearts. You can use these free anatomy clipart illustrations for non-commercial projects. This image is available in the .cdr image format.
Posted: 08 29, 2007

Free Valentines Clipart
They have valentine themes that include the following collections of valentine clipart images: Teddy Bears, Hippos, Devils, Hearts, and Candy Hearts. These images may be used on personal or commercial web pages you own.
Posted: 07 11, 2007

Free Romantic Clip Art & Animations
Free romantic clipart and animations. These images are small sized and would be good to use in blogs, forums, web pages, etc. This romantic graphics collection includes different styles of hearts, lovers kissing, and red lips.
Posted: 07 10, 2007

Free Kitchen Clip Art
Original free kitchen clipart by Lisa DuMont-Hemphill. Images included on this page: food, baking, eggs, pies, flour sack, milk bottles, mixing bowls, cooking utensils, hearts, recipe, kitchen furniture, jam, jelly, rolling pins, apples & bows, preserves and more!
Posted: 07 03, 2007

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