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A Realistic Shelf Of Old Books Clipart Image From
This is an amazingly realistic clipart picture, from, that shows a row of old leather-bound books on a shelf between two bookends. It's so realistic, you can almost read the titles on the books. It would be a perfect image for use in library postings, reading events, or schools. You can find this and a huge selection of high-quality, realistic clipart illustrations at
Posted: 06 11, 2008

Red And Green Globe Of the Earth From
This globe of the earth is colored in red and green, with dimensional highlights. It comes from a site called, which has many high-quality clipart images that can be used by teachers and students alike for all kinds of projects.
Posted: 02 13, 2008

Blue Mortarboard With A Diploma And A Rose Clipart Image From
This wonderful graduation-themed clipart picture is from It shows a blue mortarboard (graduation hat), with a diploma and a pink rose resting in front of it.

They've got a wonderful selection of clipart illustrations for special occasions, including graduations, weddings and birthdays! They also feature a wide selection of animated web graphic illustrations, too!!

So, be sure to head over to for all your free clipart needs!! They're sure to have not only what you're looking for, but much, much more!!!
Posted: 06 11, 2008

Animated Mortarboards Tossed Into the Air Clipart Image From
This fun graduation-themed, animated clipart picture is from a site called I visited their site and discovered a wealth of animated clipart, including a wide selection of animated graduation clipart illustrations.

On this site, you will also find a variety of high-quality clipart images on a huge number of topics, including: auto parts, books, computers, health, travel and weddings!

Be sure to stop by for all your clipart needs, whatever they may be. You're sure to find not only what you need, but much, much more!!!
Posted: 06 11, 2008

A Yellow Nerve Cell Clipart Image From
This color clipart picture, from, shows a full nerve cell that is yellow in color, with branched tips at the top. You can find this and many other educational clipart illustrations at
Posted: 05 15, 2008

Two Cyclic Molecules Clipart Image From
This color clipart picture shows a pair of cyclic molecules, drawn out in a diagram. You can find this and many other high-quality educational clipart illustrations at
Posted: 05 15, 2008

Skull and Crossbones and Acid Rain Clipart Image From
This color clipart image shows a raindrop colored in orange and yellow, with a skull and crossbones on the front. "Acid Rain," is written at the bottom in red lettering. You can find this and many other high-quality educational clipart illustrations at
Posted: 05 15, 2008

An Oval Map Of the Globe From
This is a wide-oval global map of the Earth. This and many other high-quality maps and globes can be found at, and could be useful in a variety of projects for students and teachers.
Posted: 02 13, 2008

A Drop Shadow Globe Clipart Image From
This is a brilliantly colored globe, with a shadow beneath it, from This and many other high-quality globe and map images can be found at
Posted: 02 13, 2008

Classic Globe Of the World From
This is a wonderful classic globe of the world, done in blue and green, with the latitude and longitude lines and all the details. It comes from a site called,, where you can find a wide variety of high-quality map and globe clipart images.
Posted: 02 13, 2008

This clipart picture of an abacus in color comes from the Discovery Education website. They have an extensive collection of education-based clipart images at, and most are very high quality (some are even animated!).
Posted: 02 13, 2008

Free Graduation Clip Art
Free graduation clipart brought to you by Teacher

List of some of the graduation pictures included on this page: graduation cap, report card, graduating student, diploma clipart, happy graduation students jumping up and down clip art, graduation cap on school books.
Posted: 06 27, 2007

Free Teacher Clipart
Collection of free teacher clipart brought to you by Teacher Here's a short list of some teacher clip art images included on this page: teacher pointing at shapes on a chalkboard, teacher holding a piece of chalk in front of a blackboard, math teacher, science teacher, teacher standing with her students as a group, art teacher, teacher reading a story to students, and teacher helping a student with school work.
Posted: 06 26, 2007

Full Color Fire Extinguisher Clipart Image From
This full-color clipart picture, from, shows a detailed, red fire extinguisher with a label and a gauge on top. You can find this and many other educational clipart illustrations at
Posted: 05 15, 2008

Free Education Graphics
Free education backgrounds, borders, images, lines, animations, and clipart.
Posted: 06 26, 2007

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