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IBirthday Clipart-Balloon Bouquet
This is a clip art picture of a balloon bouquet for a birthday party or New Year celebration. This site offers lots of really great clip art in many different subjects. They offer a few free images, but most of the pictures will click through to and can be purchased for a small subscription fee, with unlimited downloads.
Posted: 12 17, 2008

Very Realistic Firecracker Clipart Image From J's Magic
This incredibly real-looking red firecracker image comes from a site called J's Magic ( It shows a single, red firecracker with the tip of the fuse lit and sparkling.

J's Magic has an enormous selection of mind-blowing Fourth of July clipart illustrations, including fireworks, the liberty bell, the Statue of Liberty and animated images, too!!

If you're in need of ANY clipart pictures this Independence Day, you must go to and check out his huge, high-quality selection. We were surely impressed and bet you will be, too!
Posted: 07 02, 2008

Young Child Celebrating the 4th of July Clipart Image From
This fun holiday-themed image comes from, and features a young child wearing a patriotic hat and waving an American flag (he's celebrating Independence Day). has clipart images for all holidays and occasions; it is easy to navigate, easy to use, and there are instructions provided for even easier access!

Be sure to head over to when you're out looking for your holiday themed clipart illustrations - they're sure to have what you need!
Posted: 07 02, 2008

"Happy 4th Of July" Banner Clipart Image From Anne's Place
Clipart image of a "Happy 4th of July!" banner from Anne's Place. This color clipart picture comes from, and is just one of a large collection of high-quality holiday-themed clipart illustrations.

This image in particular shows a red, white and blue banner with stars and stripes in the lettering, that reads, "Happy 4th Of July." Perfect for use on letters, postcards, cards, banners, table toppers, etc. - anything you need for this Independence Day weekend!!

So, when you're out looking for your 4th of July clipart, be sure to check out - we think you'll like it.
Posted: 07 02, 2008

Cartoon Firecracker and An American Flag Clipart Image From Acclaim Images
This fun, 4th of July-themed clipart picture is from a wonderful site called Acclaim Images. You can find almost anything you need in the way of images on this site; it is very comprehensive, easy to use and fun to navigate through!

This particular image shows a cartoon firecracker (with his fuse lit and sparkling) standing before a waving American flag. The word, "Kaboom," is written down the side of the firecracker in yellow lettering.

Head on over to for your every clipart or image need!! You are sure to be impressed.
Posted: 07 02, 2008

4th Of July Banner From Clip-art Kaboose
There is a wonderful selection of free holiday-themed clipart at, just waiting to be discovered by you!

This particular image shows red, white and blue bunting around the words "Happy 4th," and is perfect for all your Independence Day celebrations.

Be sure to check out for any holiday clipart you may need - they have thousands of high-quality images to choose from, including animated clipart. It's an easy site to navigate, the images are easy to save and use.
Posted: 06 25, 2008

Free 4th Of July Clipart Image From
This Fourth of July-themed clipart image is from, and it's totally FREE! This site has a huge selection of free clipart that is easy to select and save onto your computer.

This particular image shows a firecracker bursting open, with the letters USA written in patriotic, stars-and-stripes, red, white and blue lettering. What a perfect image for your Independence Day celebrations!

Be sure to check out all that is offered from for all your clipart needs!
Posted: 06 25, 2008

Free New Years Party Banner Line
Free party hat New Years border line clip art image. This image depicts a horizontal line made up of different colored party hats with colorful confetti and streamers. They have 5 more similar New Years decorative clipart images which includes wine bottles, wine glasses, more party hats, etc. Some of them are animated. Click on the link above to view them all.
Posted: 12 26, 2007

Free Kwanzaa Graphics
30 free Kwanzaa Clipart images free for use in your graphic projects. This entire collection of free Kwanzaa pictures is available to download in a zip file.
Posted: 12 20, 2007

Free Kwanzaa Clip Art
Free collection of Kwanzaa Clip art by Kaboose. They are optimized to be small in size with transparent backgrounds, so you can use them on any color pages. This free Kwanzaa clipart collection includes boys, girls, candles, and corn.
Posted: 12 19, 2007

Free Santa and Reindeer Drinking Beer Clipart Image
Free Christmas clip art image of a Santa Claus drinking beer with one of his reindeer. This is a high resolution image that is available as jpeg and png.
Posted: 12 13, 2007

Animated Christmas Reindeer Clipart
Free collection of animated reindeer clipart. This collection includes the following Christmas animations: Reindeer decorated with Christmas Lights, Reindeer dressed like a Christmas tree, Reindeers celebrates Christmas singing and dancing, and Rudolph the red nosed reindeer head.
Posted: 11 29, 2007

Clipart Image of a Child Wearing Halloween Pirate Costume
Clipart illustration of a happy child wearing a pirate costume on Halloween Day. He's wearing a pirates hat, striped shirt, holy pants, and a wooden peg leg. He's armed with a wooden sword and is carrying a bag of Halloween candy. This is a hi quality vector clip art illustrations. Click on the link above to purchase and download this image.
Posted: 10 03, 2007

Free Vector Clipart of People Celebrating at Parties
Free vector clipart illustrations of people celebrating together at parties. You can use these free party clipart illustrations for non-commercial projects. This image is available in the .cdr format.
Posted: 08 30, 2007

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