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Auto Clipart
Clip art site with a huge assortment of all kinds of vehicles, from motorcycles, cars and boats to ambulances, trucks and four-wheel-drives. The images are purchased by subscription at a reasonable price.
Posted: 11 05, 2008

Pretty cool site with a ton of free stuff on it. Icons, clipart, tutorials, backgrounds, animations and more! You have to read the download instructions because they don't just right click and save.
Posted: 11 05, 2008

Auto Clipart
This site has tons of vehilce images, sold by subscription. The pictures range from simple clip art to intricate illustrations. Cars, trucks, jeeps, hummers, utility vehicles and more.
Posted: 08 06, 2008

Free Ambulance Clipart Illustration
This ambulance has its emergency lights on and is driving very fast. On the side of this ambulance is a big red cross.

This free ambulance clip art drawing is public domain artwork or was derived from public domain artwork, and to the best of Fundraws's knowledge, there are no copyright restrictions on the usage.

Click on the link above to get the hi resolution image.
Posted: 09 05, 2007

Free Fire Vector Clipart of a Firetruck, Car On Fire, and a Plane Dropping Fire Retardant
Free vector fire clipart illustrations of a firetruck, car on fire, and a Plane Dropping Fire Retardant. You can use these free fire clipart illustrations for non-commercial projects. This image is available in the .cdr format.
Posted: 08 31, 2007

3 Free Vector Clipart Illustrations of a Railway Track, Camper Trailer, and a Key Above Car Concept
Free transportation vector clipart images of railway track, camper trailer, and a key above car concept. You can use these free transportation clipart illustrations for non-commercial projects. This image is available in the .cdr image format.
Posted: 08 23, 2007

3 Free Transportation Vector Clipart Illustrations of a Mercedes, Chevy Camaro, and Porsche
Free vector clipart images of a Mercedes, Chevy Camaro, and Porsche. You can use these free car clipart illustrations for non-commercial projects. This image is available in the .cdr image format.
Posted: 08 23, 2007

85 Transportation Vector Clipart Illustrations
Transportation vector clipart CD collection containing unique clip art of cars, trucks, suvs, vans, 18-wheelers, motorcycles, planes, ships, and trains. All images are editable and easy to color. This collection also contains a bonus of 100 EPS Design Elements. Price is $15 USD and yes, these transportation clipart images are available to download immediately after you purchase.
Posted: 08 23, 2007

50 Vector Clipart Illustrations of Retro Cars
Retro Car Vector clipart CD collection containing unique black & white clip art of vintage hotrods and trucks. All images are editable, easy to color, very smooth, and detailed. These images would be great for websites, tattoos, prints, etc. This collection also contains a bonus of 100 EPS Design Elements. Price is $29 USD for the complete 150 image collection and yes, these retro transportation clipart images are available to download immediately after you purchase.
Posted: 08 23, 2007

Free Clipart from the Walt Disney Movie, "Cars"
Free clip art from the Walt Disney Movie, "Cars", offered by Benoit Gagnon. Benoit has compiled a collection of about 60 clipart images from this 2006 animated feature film which was produced by Pixar Animation Studios. All the images are in color, and may be used for non-profit, private use only. Here's a list of all the animated characters from "Cars" included in this free clipart gallery: Lightning Mcqueen (also refered to as McQueen or Stickers), Mater (he's either a 1958 International Harvester tow truck, or a mid-'50s Chevrolet or GMC tow truck), Mack (1980s Mack Superliner truck), Luigi (1959 Fiat 500), Guido (forklift), Chick "Thunder" Hicks (1980s American stock car,), Sarge Armyson (Willys jeep), Lizzie (1923 Ford Model T), Fillmore (Volkswagen Type 2), Ramone (1959 Chevy Impala lowrider), Strip "The King" Weathers (1970 Plymouth Superbird), Sally Carrera (baby blue 2002 Porsche 911 Carrera), Doctor Hudson Hornet, Bob Cutlass (announcer at the Piston Cup races), Flo and Sheriff (1949 Mercury Police Cruiser).
Posted: 08 10, 2007

Free Summer Clipart of a Family Going On Vacation in Their Car
Free clip art image of a family driving together in a car during their summer vacation. They have luggage and baggage tied to the top of their car. This free summer clip art image may be used for personal and commercial use as long as you provide a link back to the the vendor's website, Designed to a T.
Posted: 07 18, 2007

Free Corvette Clipart Photo Graphics
Free clipart photos of vintage and modern-day Chevy Corvettes for non-commercial websites & newsletters.
Posted: 07 11, 2007

Foto Search
Offering royalty-free stock auto clipart and illustrations. Some of the images included in this collection are auto batteries, tires, spark plugs, gauges, fuel pumps, taxi cabs, fast cars, old cars, new cars, buggies, limos, toy cars and much more.
Posted: 06 20, 2007

Clipart library specializing with auto clip art images.

Topics covered: 4x4's, ATVs, Auto Parts, Auto Shows, Broken Cars, Bulldozers, Buses, Cars, Car Interiors, Car Wash, Car Wrecks, Classic Cars, Concept Cars, Convertibles, Coupes, Delivery Trucks, Diesel Trucks, Dragsters, Dump Trucks, Earth Movers, Emergency Vehicles, Fire Trucks, Garbage Trucks, Hatchbacks, Hot Rods, Jeeps, Junkyards, Limousine's, Locomotive, Luxury Cars, Mechanics, Metro, Military Vehicles, Mini-Vans, Monster Trucks, Motorhomes, Muscle Cars, Pickup Trucks, Police Cars, Race Cars, Roadsters, RVs, Sedans, Sport Utility Vehicles, Sports Cars, Tanks, Taxi Cabs, Tow Trucks, Tractors, Traffic, Traffic Jams, Traffic Signs, Trains, Trollies, Trucks, Vans, Vintage Cars, and Wagons.

This website also features an auto clipart directory which lists links to other websites with auto clip art.
Posted: 06 20, 2007

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