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Retro Stock Pix Picture of Nurses in the 1960s
Retro color image of nurses at their station in Pelham Bay General Hospital, The Bronx New York, 1960's. This is just one of many Aladdin Color Archive images available at These images show lifestyles and people in the 1950's and 60s.
Posted: 08 22, 2008

Antique Clipart
Really nice site with a good selection of vintage clip art images. The site is easy to navigate and has many catagories: people, interiors and funiture, holidays, fruit, flowers, scenery and transportation, animals and insects. The really cool thing is they are all in the Public Domain so they are free! You may purchase larger sized images for a small fee.
Posted: 08 05, 2008

Vintage Clipart Mothers Day Images
More Vintage clipart from Their Mothers Day collection is available on CD or as single, high resolution pictures. These are wonderful victorian images of Mothers, children, flowers and pets with a vintage theme. These are actual cards and pictures that have been scanned and are available by mail or for electronic download at a great price.
Posted: 07 09, 2008

Vintage Clipart Harrison Fisher Girls Collection
Vintage has a wonderful collection of Harrison Fisher Girls on a CD, or single image. Harrison Fisher the famous turn-of-the-century artist who was best known for his illustrations of American ladies, also referred to as the "Harrison Fisher Girls." Vintage has scanned selections of Harrison's girls from art books and put them into CD collections, Volumes I and II. The images can be used for non-commercial use, or you can purchase a special license to use in commerical ways.
Posted: 07 09, 2008

Vintage Clipart Victorian Circus Collection
Vintage Clipart has a great selection of Victorian clowns and circus performers that been digitized from Victorian Era lithographic die-cut "scraps." The collection has all different types of clowns from the era, and circus performers, ringmasters, performing animals and just about anything else having to do with a circus. The collection is moderatley priced for what you get, and the quality is great.
Posted: 07 09, 2008

Vintage Clipart
This site has wonderful vintage images. There are tons of different holiday, Irish and patriotic images, and collections of Harrison Fisher Girls, Kitshy art, Baby Boomers art and more. The pictures are of good quality and varied assortment. You can purchase high res single images or CD collections. This is the perfect place to find great retro and vintage art, scanned from original art, cards and lithographs. These images may be used for non-commercial use, or commercial use with a special license purchase.
Posted: 07 09, 2008

Old Time Clipart
128 sample images from a CD of over 1,600. You can purchase the disc for a mere $10.90 (that includes shipping) The website is a little hard to navigate, but that shouldn't be a hindrance. The images are great! Everything included is believed to be Public Domain or 75 years or older and free to use for any purpose.
Posted: 08 05, 2008

Vintage Christmas Clipart CD
Offering one hundred original vintage holiday clipart images that have been scanned in at actual size as watermark-free JPEG files with an average print size of approximately five and a half inches each at 300 ppi. They give you the option to download a single image from the collection in addition to receiving the entire collection on CD. This Christmas collection is royalty-free and is priced at $199.95
Posted: 11 26, 2007

Free Telephone Vector Clipart
Free vector clipart illustrations of telephones. You can use these free telephone clipart illustrations for non-commercial projects. This image is available in the .cdr format.
Posted: 08 31, 2007

50 Vector Clipart Illustrations of Retro Technology such as Phones, TVs, Radios and Microcomputers
Vector clipart CD collection containing unique black & white clip art of retro technology such as phones, TVs, radios and microcomputers. All images are editable and easy to color. This collection also contains a bonus of 100 EPS Design Elements. Price is $10 USD and yes, these retro technology clipart images are available to download immediately after you purchase.
Posted: 08 23, 2007

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