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This is a fairly new site that has both clipart illustrations and stock photography pictures by Fred Voetsch. They also offer lots of free image too. Some of the pictures require purchasing a license, so don't assume that a picture is free; read the terms on each image page.
Posted: 07 31, 2008

Musical Clipart
This is a pretty good site about everything musical. They offer lots of clipart of instruments, notes, singers, bands, and various other music related pictures. The site also has links to other related websites.
Posted: 07 24, 2008
This is a really unique website. The site is called the Childrens Cancer Fund Dallas. They offer gift items, pictures, cards made from kid drawn clip art and lots of other stuff for sale. The money from sales goes to pediatric cancer research, treatment, education and patient care programs at the Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders at Children's Medical Center and the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas.. Who better to buy clip art from?
Posted: 12 08, 2008

Pretty cool site with a ton of free stuff on it. Icons, clipart, tutorials, backgrounds, animations and more! You have to read the download instructions because they don't just right click and save.
Posted: 11 05, 2008

Civil War Clipart Gallery
This is an awesome, unique clip art site. They offer public domain images from the Civil War. Lots to choose from, varied formats, including clip art and photos, mostly from affiliate sites. The site is easy to navigate and lots of interesting stuff.
Posted: 10 03, 2008

Clipart Image Of A Giant Sunflower From
This great sunflower image comes from They have a wonderful selection of high-quality floral clipart illustrations and stock photographs - some are free for use, others are licensed for sale. Be sure to check out for all your floral clipart needs!
Posted: 06 05, 2008

Clipart Illustration Of A Red Flower From
This beautifully illustrated red flower is licensed for use through They have a huge selection of thousands of high-quality floral clipart illustrations and stock photos to choose from, but be sure to check the licensing for each image before use.
Posted: 06 05, 2008 - Unique Cartoon Illustrations by Mark Anderson
Hi-quality business cartoons, family cartoons and more from Chicago artist Mark Anderson. His cartoons are available for use in newsletters, presentations, advertising, websites, magazines, books, blogs, greeting cards, textbooks, manuals, fax cover sheets and just about anything else that could benefit from a good laugh! They can also be customized with your name or business for a small additional fee. Just let him know what you have in mind, and he will figure out a way to work it in.
Posted: 10 02, 2007

Primitive Country Clipart -
Primitive country clipart (instant downloads and CDs), myspace graphics and layouts, printables (hang tags, labels, cocoa packets, glass block graphics, magnets, paint can graphics, checkbook covers, bag toppers), digital scrapbook and photobook resources, desktop wallpaper, web graphics, patterns, line art, and much more. Premium quality, affordable prices.
Posted: 09 26, 2007

Vector - Free Clip Art
Offering free hi quality vector clip art illustrations which can be used for all kind of projects including - advertising campaigns, banners, flash animations, Power Point presentations and other creative projects.
Posted: 09 25, 2007

Free Clip Art
This website offers free clip art for non-commercial website use only. Many popular clipart topics are covered here including some of the not so popular ones like; aliens, babies, monsters, summer, etc. All of the images are about 200 pixels in height and width which makes them perfect to use on personal websites. Just click on the link above to visit this wonderful and free to use clipart site they call "Free Clip Art Pics!" You wont be dissapointed.
Posted: 09 21, 2007
Website directory to free clip art on the net.
Posted: 09 19, 2007

100000 Free
Offering over 100,000 clipart images, wallpaper. 3d & 2d animations, funny pictures, buttons, icons, backgrounds and much more. Please read their disclaimer before using any of the graphics because the graphics on 100000 Free were taken from other websites offering free graphics.
Posted: 09 18, 2007

Free Clipart Pictures
Free web graphic clipart pictures for personal use only. Many topics are covered here including; Disney, education, teacher, and zodiac. A link back to this website is not required but greatly appreciated.
Posted: 09 18, 2007
Offering 30,000 small-sized free clipart illustrations and different types of graphics such as animated gifs, icons, backgrounds, and bullets. All of their images are free and can be used for personal websites.
Posted: 09 14, 2007

Clipart - Architecture Clip Art Guide
Complete guide to architecture clipart and illustrations. Architecture included are schools, churches, museums, greenhouses, lighthouses, bridges, city buildings and many more.
Posted: 06 19, 2007

Foto - Architecture Clip Art and Stock Illustrations
400+ stock architecture clipart images and illustrations. Images included are roman buildings, skyscrapers, hotels, domes, columns and more.
Posted: 06 19, 2007

Stable Girl - Free Original Animal Clipart
Many of Stable Girl's animal clipart images have transparent backgrounds and have been anti-aliased for a dark-colored or light-colored background. Animals included in this collection are Cats, Dogs, Horses, Butterflies, Reptiles, Birds, Other Animals, Fantasy, Miscellaneous Animals.
Posted: 06 19, 2007

Classroom - Animal Clipart
Huge collection of free animal clipart images which are broken up by category. Animal clip art categories included are: Alligator, Animalfiles , Antelope, Baboon, Bat, Bear, Beavers , Bird, Birds , BlackandWhite , Buffalo, Camel, Cat, Cheetah, Chicken, Chimpanzee, Cow, Dog, Dolphin, Duck, Elephant, Farm Animals , Fish , Fox, Frogs , Girafee, Gorilla, Hippo, Horse, Hyena, Insects , June , Kangaroo, Koala, Leopard, Lion, Mammals , Marine Life, Monkey, Mouse, New , New2 , Orangutan, Panda, Parrot, Penguin, Pig, Porcupine, Rabbit, Raccoon, Reptiles , Rhino, Seal, Sheep, Skunk, Squirrel, Tiger, Whale, Wolf, and Zebra.
Posted: 06 19, 2007

Clipart Guide - Animal Clip Art
Complete guide to animal clipart and illusrtations. Categories included are: big cats, Birds, cats, dogs, dolphins, elephants, farm animals, fish, Frog, horses, houses, insects, lions, monkeys, pets, and reptiles.
Posted: 06 19, 2007

Teacher Files
Compilation of free educational clip art and animations for teachers. Our pages are also full of resources, ideas, activities and lesson plans.
Posted: 06 15, 2007

#1 Free Clipart
Over 10,000 categorized free clip art images. 1ClipArt does not take claim of ownership to any of the graphics in this archive and any use of them is at your own risk.
Posted: 06 15, 2007

Kids Domain - Free Clipart
Free clip art covering many major holidays and kids/educational topics. Includes Chanukah, Kwanzaa, Mother's Day, and Passover. These free images are for personal use.
Posted: 06 15, 2007

Awesome Clipart for Educators
Offers educators FREE clipart, coloring pages, backgrounds, banners, fonts, icons, worksheets, and wallpaper.

Choose from categories such as animals, creatures, education, holidays, just to name a few.

They have thousands of graphics organized in a simple, easy to use format - categorized by type and keyword.
Posted: 06 15, 2007

iCLIPART - 5 Million Images for Immediate Download!
Millions of downloadable royalty-free images including clipart, photos, web graphics, and more. Also find backgrounds, buttons, icons, and illustrations and other graphics by subscription.
Posted: 06 14, 2007 - 6 Million Downloadable Images by Subscription!
largest collection of royalty-free clipart, photos, vinyl-ready images, Web graphics, illustrations, fonts and sounds offered by subscription on the Web.
Posted: 06 14, 2007

CyberSleuth Kids - Aircraft Clipart
Military and civilian airplane graphics; detailed illustrations of particular models of aircraft.
Posted: 06 14, 2007

Artvex - Free Clipart Images
Offering over 10,000 categorized original free clipart images.

Permission is granted for limited non-profit personal use of up to fifteen (15) images from all categories. Moreover, credit is due on all published works.

All commercial or institutional use requires licensing. Please contact us for licensing requests.

Redistribution of any image found at this web site ( in any format is strictly prohibited.
Posted: 06 14, 2007 - Free Christian Clipart
ChristArt offers a wide variety of Christian/Religious Art: clipart, books, poetry, wallpapers, etc.
Posted: 06 14, 2007 - Free Clip Art
Free clip art images from ChristiaNet covering animals, business, flowers, people, holidays, sports, and more. Also offers free cursors, ecards, photos, screensavers, wallpaper, and Christian graphics.
Posted: 06 14, 2007

Wild Brit Art
Free hand-drawn clip art of British wildlife mammals, birds and mini beasts.
Posted: 06 13, 2007

Clipart Guide
Offers a searchable directory of clip art, stock photography, and free public domain pictures on the web. Also offering free image web hosting and myspace layouts.
Posted: 06 12, 2007

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